Computer Networks LAN WAN MAN

Computer Networks LAN WAN MAN

Detailed Description Computer Networks LAN WAN MAN

Computer Networks LAN WAN MAN


A network can be formed When number of computers connected together to share information and resources through some physical media.that media may be guided or unguided.


Computer network play an important role in our daily and practical life.In some organization we need to share resources like printer , hard disk, scanner and even programs.for attaining this purpose we have to form a network.Nodes are connected together by using any types of media . That media may be guided like twisted pair, coaxial,fiber optic or this media may be unguided like radio waves etc.
Network criteria:
A network must need to satisfy these criteria .Otherwise it ‘ll not considered a network.


A good network be responsive to all the resources at all the time.It musty to satisfy all the request from all the resources within a network.


A network must be consistent.When consistency is not maintained then network may lost his worth.


Basic purpose of a network is to share information and resources ,if that sharing is not secure then this make the network useless.So security is an important criteria for a network.

Types of Computer networks:

Computer networks are categories in different types on the basis of coverage ,speed and functionality.Major computer networks are as below:
• LAN(Local Area Network)
• MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
• WAN(Wide Area Network)
• PAN(Personal Area Network)


LAN stands for local area network.It is a network that connects computers and devices in a limited geographical area,that are closely positioned together.


Each computer or device on a network is called a node.they often share resources such as printer,large hard disk drives, and programs.nodes are connected together through wires.

Wired LAN

The LAN that is connected through some physical media such as twisted pair ,coaxial or fiber optic cable.

Wireless LAN

The LAN that uses no physical wires.Computers and devices that access a wireless LAN Must have built in wireless capability or the appropriate wireless network card,or other wireless device

Distance coverage

LAN provides Limited coverage, about upto 2 miles or 2500 meters.

Speed of operation

LAN provide high speed .typically 10 ,100 and 1000Mbps.

Technology used for medium

Locally installed, twisted pair, fiber optic cable, wireless


Used mainly by fixed desktop computers and portable computers (e.g. laptops) . Now-a-days it is used by smart phones due to emergence of WLAN network


Network that form in an office,computer lab, or in an organization.

Pros/ Benefits/ advantages of LAN

• Resource sharing:
• Communication
• Data security
• Internet access sharing

Cons/ Disadvantages of LAN

Data security concerns
Time consuming
Privacy thread

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