FPSC Test Prepration 2017 Computer Science

FPSC Test Prepration 2017 Computer Science

<h2>FPSC Test Prepration 2017 Computer Science</h2>

<h3>Microprocessor Architecture</h3>

Against each question four answers are given out of which one is correct .Choose the correct answer.Correct answer is given in bold writing.

1.Microprocessor is used for :

a)Signal processing application     b)Control application

c)General purpose Computers       d)All of these

2.It controls the transfer of data among other units of a microcomputer

a)ALU                 b)Control unit

c)Register         d)Bus

3.It perform all arithematic and logical functions:

a)ALU                 b)Control unit

c)Register         d)Bus

4.They are high speed memory locations where data is stored at the time of processing:

a)I/O unit           b)Memory unit

c)Register           d)buses

5)Which of the following is an input device:

a)Keyboard       b)Printer

c)Scanner           d)Monitor

6)The 8088 instruction can be used on:

a)80486                           b)Pentium

  1. c) both a and b          d) None of these

7)This register contain starting address of a programs code segment:

a)AX register           b)CX register

c)CS register             d)SS register

8)Which of the following is an editor?

a)EDLIN                   b)EDIT

c)NE                           d)Word star

e)All of the above

9)It is a program that assigns absolute address to the program:

a)Editor             B)Assembler

c)Linker               d)Loader

10)It is a program that convert an object file into an execution file:

a)Editor             B)Assembler

c)Linker               d)Loader

11)The segment in an assembly language program that a programs define data , constant and work area:

a)Code segment         b)Data Segment

c)Stack segment         d)both a and b

12)In EBCDIC ( extended binary coded decimal interchange code) each character is represented by:

a)3 bit         b)4 bit     c)8 bit       d)5 bit

13)Turning an entire project over to an outside firm for development is called:

a)auditing                  b)outsourcing

c)prototype           d)preliminary investigation

14)The faster type of ADC is :

a)time interval       b)parallel

c)closed loop           d)successive

15)The sequence of instruction telling the machine to perform a particular sequence of operation is called:

a)Program         b)Hardware       c)algorithm    d)debugging

16) FORTRAN acronym for:

a)Formula translator       b)formula tranducer

c)for translating high level language       d)none of these


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